Short Run Day

31 07 2009

Did the short Stonebarrow loop and tried to push a bit harder. Did a few short sprints and attacked the easier climbs. Had to walk a short stretch when I hit max heart rate (about 172bpm) on the steep bit past Westhay Farm. So did ok, got round in 33m 19s. Only another 3 minutes to find!

Cattle grids crossed: 2
Stiles clambered over: 3
Gates open and closed: 2
Falls: 1

Yeah, I fell over. Tripped over a dog. Got lucky, just winded me for a bit. Probably only lost 10 to 15 seconds.


Tuesday Run

28 07 2009

Did the longer Golden Cap Loop. It was supposed to be a nice easy jog to establish a baseline time, but I found it really hard going. Had to walk a few more bits than I thought I would on some of the climbs, especially when my heart rate was getting up near it’s maximum.

Weather was dry, some muddy bits to walk around near the bog, windy on the hill tops.

Took 1hr 9m 35s which is pretty good considering my current level of fitness. Need to see it down as close to 1hr as possible, and that’s after tacking on the run up Stonebarrow Lane. Long way to go.

Golden Cap Loop

27 07 2009

The longer route. 5.57 miles according to Google and

Golden Cap Loop

St Gabriels Loop

27 07 2009

The medium loop of 4.44 miles.

St Gabriels Loop

Stonebarrow Loop

27 07 2009

Just been using to map my routes. Turns out that the small Stonebarrow loop is 3.15 miles.

Stonebarrow Loop

Reading is a dangerous thing

26 07 2009

Picked up my old copy of the Runner’s Handbook off the shelf last night and had a browse through it. Apparently, I should be running between three and five times a week. Not sure I want to do that, maybe I’ll add an extra day in the Spring. Also, I’m probably trying too hard. I should try and keep my heartrate between 60% and 80% of maximum (which is about 172bpm). This is not possible on the three big hills unless I walk!

I used to have a heartrate monitor, but it packed up years ago. Got my eye on a fancy Garmin Forerunner 305 which is a GPS and heartrate monitor. Keeps an eye on heartrate, speed, distance, pace and it can all be downloaded to a PC after each training session. But at £150 it’ll have to wait a bit. Maybe there’s one on Ebay . . .

Friday Run

24 07 2009

Short run today. Managed to get out between showers for a change, so conditions underfoot much better. Did the short Stonebarrow loop including the detour past Westhay Farm (which I will always do now unless stated otherwise) in 34m 14s. Need to get this down to close to 30m by next Spring.

Felt pretty good, pushed a bit more on the flatter bits, jogged up the hill without walking. Although to be fair my slow jog is about the same speed as walking!

Planning to do Golden Cap loop on Tuesday, try and do some leg strengthening exercises on Sunday.