Mid-week training run

30 09 2009

Short run today, and tried to make it quick by adding in a few sprints in the first 2km. As a result I was 30 secs quicker at that point compared to the longer runs I’ve done on the same course. Explains why I started to run out of puff near the end. Finished in 32m 57s, which is 2 secs inside previous best.

Showing the numbers below this time rather than the picture. Apparently I briefly reached 17.9kph on one of the downhill bits. Well slow on the uphill though.

Not sure what sort of training I should be doing really. I still need to work on leg strength, stamina, and heart/lung as far as I can tell. Looks like I’m going to be reading the Runners Handbook again, but I know that will say I should run more than twice a week. Maybe I should listen.

Will run again on Saturday. My overly ambitious plan is to do 90% of the Charmouth Challenge course. In other words, my normal long run, but start at the school and run up Stonebarrow Lane too. Target time 1hr 30m.

Gadget data from short run

Gadget data from short run


Sunday Sprintday (sort of)

27 09 2009

I guess ‘sprint’ is pushing it a bit, but I did what I said I would. Found a fairly flat bit of Dorset track, 7km up and back, tried to do it at 10km pace. Was a bit rougher underfoot than ideal, short sections were just shingle so that slowed me down a bit, but it was a worthwhile exercise.

Did the 7km in 38m 8s, average pace 5m 26s per kilo. I was hoping for a bit less after all the recent hillwork. This pace equates to something like a 54m 33s 10km, which would be about two minutes slower than my PB set about five years ago. So I think that means I’m still not back to full fitness yet, but then again I am five years older.

I swallowed a fly, perhaps . . .

23 09 2009

Yeuch! You know what it’s like, bounding along, gob wide open like a Formula One air intake, and a particularly adventuresome gnat takes a liking to your larynx. It’s to far in to spit out, all you can do is give it a big gulp and try to forget it. I did briefly consider looking for a spider to go in after it . . .

Anyway, apart from that, the medium Wednesday morning run went well. Clocked it at 7.19km on the Gadget, 47m 2s, so 5 secs off my PB. I actually thought it might be more as I felt it was going so good. Interesting.

Counted as I went round: 2 cattle grids, 1 gate, 16 stiles and 5 other misc constrictions that slowed me down. No wonder the speed readout on the Gadget readout looks so wiggly.

Decided that my weekend run will be a bit different. Going to find some flat tarmac and see what pace I can keep up over 7 to 10km.

St Gabriels Loop

St Gabriels Loop

Jurassic Coast 10k – The Video

22 09 2009

I loved doing this run, and hope to do it again next year.  In the meantime, I’ve found a cracking bit of video of this year’s race. Enjoy!

P.S. The burgers were excellent.

Damn I’m Hot!

19 09 2009

Long run this morning, and it was hot. 25C according to the display in the car, and it felt like it too. Found the run really hard on the way back to Stonebarrow, got really hot, ran out of energy and had to walk quite a few short steep sections. When I got back to the car I was feeling pretty shot. Took me a while to recover and felt very wobbly for a while. Guess it shows I’m trying, huh?

Did it in 1hr 7m 16s, so not my best, but happy with that given how hard it felt. Wore the Garmin so have a wealth of data on the run, some of which I’ve shown below. Average speed over the run was 8.1kph, best kilometer was 5m 13s, the worst a feeble 10m 5s on the way back up Stonebarrow near the end. The blue line showing speed has a lot of dips in it, they’re not all walks! Most are stiles and gates. I think the value in the data will be to compare it run to run.

The green elevation line makes it clear what the character of the run is like. Starting on Stonebarrow, a slow climb up to Chardown, then down to St Gabriels Wood, up Golden Cap, back down the other side, another bit of up and down, then the long climb back up Stonebarrow.

Garmin log from today's run

Garmin log from today's run

Wednesday warm-up

16 09 2009

Did my usual short Wednesday loop down Stonebarrow and back up again. Wore the new Triax’s which were fine, just need to learn how tight to lace them so that they feel right. Not so good with the Garmin. Tried to do the course that I had downloaded into it, but didn’t seem to work. Maybe I missed the start point or something? Anyway, the run felt like hard work, so I know it wasn’t very quick. Would have been nice to have the data though.

So, Golden Cap loop on Saturday morning. This time I’ll not try and use a pre-loaded course. I’ll just set it going at the start, stop it at the finish, and see what I get!

New Gadget!

15 09 2009

My Garmin Forerunner 305  arrived in the post this morning. Have to say it looks decidedly second-hand, but then you get what you pay for. Bit miffed that the charger has a US plug on it, but then found out it also charges up when connected to the USB socket on the PC, so that’s no problem. Have download my Stonebarrow Loop course on to it from logyourrun.com via the Garmin Training Centre software, so will try and give it a go tomorrow. Could be a double first as if it stays dry between now and then, I’ll go for the first run in my new Nike Triax’s.