25 10 2009

Much better day today. Charmouth was bathed in beautiful autumn sunshine, and mobbed by all and sundry trying to get to the coast for one last time before winter sets in. The car parks in the village were absolutely packed, it could have been the middle of summer all over again. Roll on the winter when I can go for a nice lonely wander on the beach before walking the kids home from school.

Even though the weather was good, I found my run difficult. Legs felt really heavy for some reason and I was quite a bit slower than usual (48m 19s for the 7.21km loop). The only reason that I could think of was that I was out running about two hours after I got up instead of my usual four hours.

I don’t think I’ll be setting any more PB’s for a while either. Some sections of my run are getting very slippery with the autumn rain, and some are downright muddy. Add to that slippery stiles and rocky paths lurking under a light covering of leaves, it all means I have to start taking it easy in places.

The weather brought out all the dog walkers too. I wasn’t in a great mood as it was hard work, so when the first dog charged up to me and nearly tripped me up I got cross. When it happened again with a different dog twenty minutes later I lost it a bit and tried to give him a kick. Something I regretted instantly. In future I’ll just slow down to a walk, there’s no point in either getting angry or risking another fall by running past them.

I’ll do a shorter run mid-week, then it’s Ilminster 10k next Sunday. Hope my legs feel up to the task by then.




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