Simply Glorious Run

19 12 2009

It might have been 3 degrees centigrade, but with bright sun, clear blue sky, and almost no wind, it was glorious out there this morning. Not a cloud in the sky, just the odd wispy white jet trail from some high up Boeing heading West out over towards the Atlantic. Very few people about, might have been the cold, or they may have all been doing their last minute Xmas shopping. Either way I had the paths to myself and was smiling all the way.

Did exactly 10k. Bit slow as I was just out enjoying the run rather than pushing, so did it in 72m 26s, which is 7m 14s per km apparently.

Two things of note, possibly connected. Firstly, drank an energy drink called Orbana before I went out that someone was kind enough to send me to trial. Not a very scientific experiment, but did seem to give me a bit of a buzz over the first half of the run. Secondly, for the very first time, I made it to the top of Golden Cap without walking. It was just like Rocky. By the time I reached the trig point at the top I had my hands over my head whilst jogging round in a circle celebrating! Just as well there was nobody there to see me. Was it connected to the Orbana? Or was it just improved fitness coupled with taking it easy before I got that far? Impossible to say, so I’m going to try taking the remaining three drinks before every other run. That should enable a better assessment.

Anyway, my glorious run was followed by a glorious soak in the bath and an equally glorious bacon sandwich and mug of tea. It just doesn’t get any better.

Not sure when I’ll be out again as we’re heading up north for Xmas with my in-laws. Probably day after Boxing Day.

Hundred pushups suspended until January due to being knackered after spending all my time painting recently.

Happy Xmas all !!


Short midweek run

16 12 2009

Short run from home as wife has the car. Really just down to the beach, round the block and back. Very cold, ice on the picnic bench by the front door, so wore gloves today. Nice and sunny though, so did a kilometer on the beach as it’s low tide. Worth getting out in the cold just for that. Smooth sand exposed by the low tide, sunny morning, waves gently lapping in. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Felt ok, right calf a aching a bit. Shins will be sore tomorrow as I seem to be running a bit flat-footed judging by the amount of noise I make as my feet hit the pavement, especially (but not exclusively) on the downhill bits. Need to remedy that, or else I’ll get really sore shins.

4.39km, 26m 2s, 126m of ascent. 5m 56s per kilo not particularly quick, but it’s winter and for me it’s just about keeping going, getting out when it’s cold and wet. Plenty of time in the Spring to get serious before The Challenge.

Longer run planned for Saturday, weather and mud permitting.

It must be Winter . . .

13 12 2009

. . . as today was the first time this year I have put away the shorts and gone for something longer. It was about 6 degrees C, so wore my Ronhill Tracksters for the first time. They’re kind of lightweight, slightly stretchy, running legging things. Bought them on Ebay for tuppance ha’penny a few months back. (I guess it’s like coal, winter running gear is cheaper in the summer?).

Decent run, but felt a bit short on energy as I’ve not been running as much as I should these last couple of weeks due to various niggling pains. Ok today though, did 6.97 km in 53m 29s with no discomfort from calf, hamstring or knee. 383m of ascent, including Golden Cap which for the first time I nearly made it all the way to the top before I had to walk. So have to be pleased with that, even though it was probably because I took it so easy on the way up. Heart rate did reach 180bpm when I gave up, not sure that’s healthy. Average of 7m 40s per km was pretty abysmal, but it was seriously muddy in places, so quite a few walky bits.

Still painting in Honiton this week (I’m not a professional so it takes me twice as long), so not sure when I’ll get out again. Will definitely make an effort to get out for something, somewhere mid-week, followed by a longer run at the weekend.

Back on Track

8 12 2009

Managed to squeeze in a short run this morning after walking the boys to school and before the rain resumed. Wife’s got the car, so ran from home down to the beach (high tide, so no running on the beach), then up towards Catherston Leweston and back the same way. All on tarmac. Calf ached a bit halfway round, but seems ok now. Left knee got a bit painful near the end. Beginning to wonder if the body’s trying to tell me something? Not listening (puts fingers in ears).

Did 5.4km in 31m 6s, so 5m 45s per kilometer average. It might have been a short run, but it still contained 217m of ascent apparently. Next run will be sometime at the weekend depending on weather and painting duties.

Time Out

7 12 2009

Not run since my last post. My calf strain has eased, but was replaced by an unexpected hamstring soreness. Probably something to do with over-stretching whilst painting a ceiling. So that ruled out running last weekend. Seems better as I write, so will try and get out this week family commitments permitting. Definitely going for a run at the weekend.

Feeling a bit fed up, looking forward to getting those endorphins rushing through the system again.

Successfully completed week one of the hundred push-ups challenge. Time to stop writing and get on with week two.