Please make the mud go away

6 02 2010

Didn’t run mid-week, wanted to give my right calf a bit of extra time to recover. Seems ok for now.

Usual 9km loop today, but after the heavy rain of the last few days, and what with the warmer weather thawing out the last of the ice, it was a tad muddy out there. There’s a narrow bit that heads downhill between two fields on the way back along the coast. No idea how I stayed on my feet, it was like a muddy chute.

For what it’s worth I did it in just over 1hr 6m, but when conditions are so sticky there’s not much point in trying to time it. I lose time trying to walk round the mud or through the least deep bit, but also running through the mud must sap my energy too. On the plus side it means I have to work harder, so maybe there’s a benefit somewhere in the long run. I’m still enjoying it, I like the hills, but I also need to find somewhere nearby that’s relatively flat and dry to get some speedwork in before Southbourne, otherwise I’ll never be able to run at the pace I need.

Did come across a good samaritan today! I was running round the lanes heading toward Langdon Hill car-park, when I turned a corner to find the lane flooded. No way round it and about eight inches deep. Now I don’t mind a bit of mud, but there’s no way I want water in my trainers thank you very much even if that makes me a wuss. (I try to avoid races with names like Grim, Grizzly and Full Death Experience) Anyway, so I’m stood there thinking ok how far do I back-track, when the hourly car that you get on this lane just happens by. Very kind lady offered to drive me across the lake. Result. Run resumed. So thank you lady wherever you are.

Should manage a short run mid-week.




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