Saturday Medium Run

13 02 2010

Nothing very exciting, just another one of those runs you do to keep the fitness up. Grey day, about five or six degrees, fairly brisk easterly wind so long sleeves and gloves today.

Did a loop of about 7km starting on Stonebarrow, along to Chardown, down the hill past the farm along the lane cutting back to St Gabriel’s, then back along the coast and up Stonebarrow again. 45m 16s which compare well with the 47m 50s I did on the same route a month ago. Probably less muddy this time as it’s been dry for a week and the mud has finally started to turn a bit more solid.

Three weeks to Southbourne 10k (and house move the following week). No idea on how I should adjust my runs to prepare for it, so I’ll just carry on as usual I guess. Make sure I just to a short run mid-week before the race. Really looking forward to it now.

On an ornithological note. Was amused to see a man in Stonebarrow car park hand-feeding a robin. The bird was stood on a tree branch, and he allowed the guy to slowly walk up and hold his hand right up to it so that the robin could peck seed out of his hand.




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