Juneathon – Day 7 – Glad it’s not a running day

7 06 2010

Been raining here since mid-morning with no let-up, glad I ran yesterday.

Finally got around to printing off the entry form for the 2010 Charmouth Challenge, now I just need to get around to filling it in. Been holding off because of the poorly leg, but I think I’ve reached the point where I’d hop round if I had to.

Starting to get excited by the prospect of the World Cup kicking-off on Friday, and looking forward to watching it with my two boys on Saturday night. C’mon England!

64 situps (12, 15, 11, 11, 15)
16 push-ups (3, 4, 2, 3, 4)

No biscuits (apart from the mini hob-nob I absentmindedly stole from son #1  when he wasn’t looking), no crisps, one banana.

Probably exercise at home tomorrow, run on Wednesday.




2 responses

7 06 2010

Ive taken next week off for the World Cup i’m not a football nut or anything but i’m sick of missing games when i’m at work etc. Well done on the Juneathon.

8 06 2010

Thanks Phil. I’m lucky in that I’m between jobs, so I can run when I feel like it and watch football when I feel like it as well. Now if only I could do that and earn some money too!

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