Big Race Tomorrow – Wish me luck

2 07 2010

Charmouth Challenge is tomorrow. 8+ miles of pain. Three climbs of 100m or more, plus a few smaller ones. Looking forward to it, but with some apprehension. So far there’s about 150 entered, so hopefully there’s someone in there I can beat.

Need to get the pace right. Ideally get to the top of Golden Cap in about 48 to 50 minutes, and finish in 1hr 30 to 35 minutes. Worried I might get towed along quicker than I want, and then run out of gas later. Must remember to stop and drink at the water stations. Forecast is a muggy 21 degrees C, light winds and 70% humidity. Not nice. Had some rain last night which should soften up the harder ground a bit.

I seems odd that I’ve been working towards this for nearly a year, and now it’s here. Wish I was fitter, still carrying this adductor niggle which has stopped me training as much as I’d like. I wish the race was in the morning as my leg usually hurts less then, but it starts at 3pm. Also going to be odd just seeing lots of people running on MY training routes. I’m probably not the only Charmouth resident in the race, but it should be good for a bit of extra support.

Not sure what to eat before the race and when? I think the fry-up better wait for Sunday.

Ok, that’s it for now. Full report after I recover, probably Sunday.

Wish me luck.

P.S.  For anyone local reading this, I’m number 84.




2 responses

2 07 2010
Hauling My Carcass

Rather you than me!! Sorry I mean Good Luck!!

3 07 2010

Thanks, looks now like it won’t be quite as hot as I feared, but still very high humidity which is probably worse.

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