The boy’s back in town!

28 02 2011

Ok, I’m back. It’s been a while, and I’ve defnitely been slacking, but now I’m back with the full intention of doing the 2011 Charmouth Challenge, and beating last year’s  time by at least five minutes.

Went to see a physio late last year. Basically she just said I was way too tight and needed to loosen up a bit. And then we talked about my leg problems, boom boom! The daily stretching exercises that she gave me seems to be calming it down.

I’ve done a few odd runs over the last few months, had a bit of knee pain (pinching pain outside left knee) but that’s pretty much down to lack of fitness/form/leg strength. Went for a run from home (Charmouth) up the the end of Stonebarrow car park and back on Sunday and was really pleased with how it went. So once a week in March, twice a week in April, and after that we’ll see.