This Blog is Now Closed

15 02 2012

Hi guys, thanks for following but I won’t be posting anymore.

Due to declining health and advancing age, I’ve decided to call it a day on the running.

I’ll leave all the content up for now, it might still be of interest to some. Good luck in all your endeavors.



Juneathon – Day 12 – Big day

12 06 2010

Big day for England, but quiet day on the exercise front. Managed to squeeze in the sit-ups in between visiting son #1’s new school, watching the footie and cooking the tea. (England today, so it’s bangers and mash). Decided to miss out the push-ups for a couple of days due to sore shoulder.

64 sit-ups.

Run tomorrow morning.

Juneathon – Day 6

6 06 2010

As my leg always feels a bit better after a nights rest, decided to go for my run first thing this morning. Wanted to do two hills, so ran from home up Stonebarrow, along to Chardown Hill, short cut down to the coastal path, then back up Stonebarrow. Took a chance and came back down the coastal path to Charmouth. This bit is officially closed due to danger of landslides and it was a bit scary jumping from lump to lump over the big cracks, but I survived to tell the tale. Don’t think I’ll try it again.

The run in general was hard work, probably because I went out without eating anything.  8.56km,  60m 47s,  average of 7m 6s per km. Rough guess is that the rest of the Charmouth Challenge loop adds on maybe another 35 minutes, so we’re looking at around 1hr 36m for the race.

Also did the usual 64 sit-ups this afternoon.

No crisps or biscuits. Half and apple and one grape (nasty squigy things).

One Portland Dough Bun left. Do I eat it, or airmail it to Ireland?

Captain Sensible

9 05 2010

I suppose if I was really sensible I’d just stop for a while, or go and see someone about the leg. However, my version of sensible was to go out for a fairly easy run yesterday morning up Stonebarrow Lane, down to the end of the car park and back again. Leg got a bit sore, but I’m getting used to that.

Despite the lack of miles recently, still managed to get up the hill without having to walk it. Now that we’re living down in the middle of Charmouth there’s not much point in driving up the lane to the car park, might as well just run from home. Might drive up there one day though so that I can do some comparison runs against the time from last year.

Yesterday was just under 6km at an average of 6m 11s per km, including 8m 46s for the km that was all up hill.

Still pleased with last weeks Portland 10k. I worked out that it was 230m short as they missed out a bit of the course near the end. No idea why, but I could see it on the map that was filed with the official course measurement website. Maybe there was a problem with the road or something. I enjoyed it, and will definitely be back next year.

I can’t count the sub 50 minute time as a PB as the course was too short, but have decided to count the time I recalculated for the full distance. So from now on I will count my official PB as 51m exactly.

As for this year, well it looks like the plan is to run as often as my leg will allow up to the Charmouth Challenge in July, then after that maybe take a month off to see if it heals. If I’m lucky and don’t push too hard it may heal before then. Definitely going to do the race, but 1h 30m target is looking doubtful.

If anyone’s interested, the Gadget data from Portland 10k is recorded here.

A word from Arthritis Research UK

22 04 2010

I’ve been asked to pass this on message about a guy who’s a real hero and deserves all the support he can get . . .

You may have already heard of Phil Packer, he sustained a spinal chord injury whilst on operational duty in 2008. He was told it was highly unlikely that he would ever walk again, but through sheer determination and a great deal of support, he has completed a number of challenges including rowing the English Channel, and walking the London Marathon in 14 days. This year, he aims to complete it in just 26 hours and is dedicating each mile of the walk to a charity.

He is supporting Arthritis Research UK for the first mile, and Catherine Bull, aged 22 who has Rheumatoid Arthritis will be completing the Marathon and walking this first mile with Phil.

It would be great if you could help us raise awareness for this great charity and encourage people to support Phil in this challenge by directing your readers to this fund-raising support page

Wednesday warm-up

16 09 2009

Did my usual short Wednesday loop down Stonebarrow and back up again. Wore the new Triax’s which were fine, just need to learn how tight to lace them so that they feel right. Not so good with the Garmin. Tried to do the course that I had downloaded into it, but didn’t seem to work. Maybe I missed the start point or something? Anyway, the run felt like hard work, so I know it wasn’t very quick. Would have been nice to have the data though.

So, Golden Cap loop on Saturday morning. This time I’ll not try and use a pre-loaded course. I’ll just set it going at the start, stop it at the finish, and see what I get!

On the mend

16 08 2009

Golden CapHaven’t been able to run, so went out for a long walk yesterday instead along the coast path to West Bay. Bit further than I intended (15.5 miles in all) but it was a good day and there were some suitable watering holes along the way. Went up Golden Cap west to east in the morning, then the other way on the return leg. Missed out Stonebarrow in favour of walking along the beach.

Rib was ok. Had the odd twinge going over styles but I think it’s on the mend. Had a better nights sleep last night, but then that’s not surprising after such a long walk.

The pic shows Golden Cap from the beach at St Gabriels.