2010 Charmouth Challenge

4 07 2010

Saturday dawned bright and sunny, and proceeded to get hot and humid as per the forecast. Not good news for us forty somethings. Took the morning as easily as I could, reheated some of last nights stir-fry for lunch. Figured the carbs would be good for me.

Fun run kicked off at 2.30pm so watched them come past from the balcony. 2010 Charmouth Challenge Fun Run

Challenge started at 3.00pm. Started off at the back, did 5m 23s for the first flat km, then 8m 33s for the km up Stonebarrow Lane. Already feeling hot and hard to maintain pace as most people around me were already walking. But by slow jogging I was only just faster than most of them.

Once at the top of the lane we were out of the shade and into full sun. Kept to planned pace with 6m 11 and 6m 06s along the ridge to Chardown, then 5m 17s on the downhill section to the welcome shade of St Gabriels Wood. Had to queue up to get over a couple of stiles bit didn’t lose too much time. Once out of the wood the climb up to Golden Cap starts. Normally I can jog 80% of the way up this hill before I start walking, but yesterday by the time I’d got 10% of the way up I was exhausted, just drained and so hot. It didn’t help that the others were walking again so I did the same. I was a bit disappointed in having to walk so soon, but knew there was a long way to go and also that my walking and slow jogging pace aren’t that much different. Walked and jogged the rest of the way to the top, passed a few people, got past by a few.

Reached the trig point on Golden Cap in about 48 minutes which was exactly on target. Legs feeling very rubbery. Managed to walk and jog again back to Stonebarrow, getting hotter and hotter, and walking up the steep bits and jogging the rest until finally reached the top. Blessed relief know that it was all downhill from here. Got passed by a couple more on the run down the hill, and by one in the last hundred yards. Great to see so many people clapping and cheering us on as we staggered to the finish. As usual the fire brigade were there to help us cool down.

Charmouth Fire Brigade to the rescue

Not surprisingly I felt pretty wobbly at the finish, took a good ten minutes before I felt human again. No medals, but you can get a commemorative mug with as many free tea refills as you can drink. Had a burger to help replace the calories, but not as good as the home-made ones after the Jurassic 10k.

My target had always been 1 hour 30 minutes. I always thought I could do that, but recently had been doubting it because of the leg muscle problems. However, I am pleased to announce that my official finishing time was 1 hour, 29 minutes, 54 seconds, placing me a very creditable 181st out of 232 finishers. As Anne pointed out, there were a lot of running club runners in fancy shirts behind me.

My supporters

My supporters

So that’s it for the 2010 Charmouth Challenge. In summary, very hot, very humid, very very hard work. But it’s a great course, extremely well organised, has absolutely stunning views from the top of Golden Cap and Stonebarrow (must look out some old photos), and it raises large amounts of money for the local school. Will I do it next year? I hope to, but I’m going to take three weeks off running now to see if this leg will heal. Really need to see a sports physio, but can’t afford it at the moment. Maybe some of you guys should come down and have a go, probably be July 2nd next year, it would make a good bookend to Juneathon!

Finally, here’s the link to Garmin Connect where you can relive the race through the data. Just click on the pic.

2010 Charmouth Challenge as run by Pete

2010 Charmouth Challenge as run by Pete


Juneathon – Day 29 – Final pre-race run

29 06 2010

Did my last run before the race on Saturday. Showers overnight so a bit damp and slippery underfoot up and down Stonebarrow Lane, and misty weather on the top. Felt a bit heavy legged and not particularly quick. Should be OK with three days off before Saturday. Had planned to take my camera and show off the great view from the top, but just my luck, no view today.

6.40km,  41m 36s,  average 6m 29s per km.  225m of ascent.

I think I might have worked out why I get different ascent figures from my Gadget when I repeat runs. I’m thinking air pressure maybe? Does it show higher ascent figures when the air pressure is low??

Did 64 sit-ups too. Full Juneathon stats tomorrow.

Juneathon – Day 28 – The Home Straight

28 06 2010

Only two more days of Juneathon to go. One of those will be my last run before the race on Saturday. Can’t see the forecast yet for the big day, but Friday is 21C, sunny and 80% humidity. Doesn’t bode well for the following day.

64 sit-ups and 16 push-ups again today.

Holland this afternoon, tea was Saucijzbroodjes. Kind of a sausagemeat in pastry sort of thing.

Only five days to go until 2010 Charmouth Challenge. Might see if my number’s ready to pick up tomorrow.

Juneathon – Day 24 – It’s a blogathon

24 06 2010

I was going to say it’s not the exercise that’s difficult, it’s the remembering to blog about it everyday. But then I realised that probably means I’m not doing enough exercise! I might have done something everyday, but there are many others on here who have worked a lot harder than me. Well done guys and gals.

Looking ahead, I might be in for a clash of dates. If England beat Germany (which I truly believe they will – fool that I am) then their quarter final would be on Saturday 3rd July at 3pm. The 2010 Charmouth Challenge is – yes you guessed it – on Saturday 3rd July at 3pm. Aargh! Even if I run through the finish and straight home I’ll only see the last ten minutes. To be honest I’m more likely to be flat on my back at the finish line for ten minutes! Oh well, let’s see what happens against Germany first.

64 sit-ups today.

Here’s the Portland Dough Bun that I ate after yesterdays run.

Juneathon – Day 23 – Running Au Naturale

23 06 2010

Another glorious if slightly warm day for running. Blue skies, light breeze. No need for mp3 players down here, just wonderful to enjoy the sounds of birdsong as nature intended. Not really practical to carry a camera round with me, but might just have to make an exception sometime soon. The views from the top of Stonebarrow were just stunning. The sea was mirror calm, you could see the yachts perfectly reflected in the water of the bay.

Run went ok, slower start, quicker finish. 5.89km,  36m 47s,  average 6m 14s per km. Just the one hill today.

Will do a two hill run on Saturday, one hill on Tuesday, then it’s the 2010 Charmouth Challenge on the following Saturday.

Will probably undo this morning’s hard work by spending the afternoon in the pub watching the England game. If I make it back home, then as it’s also USA today so we’ve got burgers for tea.

Juneathon – Day 7 – Glad it’s not a running day

7 06 2010

Been raining here since mid-morning with no let-up, glad I ran yesterday.

Finally got around to printing off the entry form for the 2010 Charmouth Challenge, now I just need to get around to filling it in. Been holding off because of the poorly leg, but I think I’ve reached the point where I’d hop round if I had to.

Starting to get excited by the prospect of the World Cup kicking-off on Friday, and looking forward to watching it with my two boys on Saturday night. C’mon England!

64 situps (12, 15, 11, 11, 15)
16 push-ups (3, 4, 2, 3, 4)

No biscuits (apart from the mini hob-nob I absentmindedly stole from son #1  when he wasn’t looking), no crisps, one banana.

Probably exercise at home tomorrow, run on Wednesday.

More Shade Vicar

21 05 2010

Wow, that got a bit hot a bit quick. Suddenly it’s summer and 20+ degrees.

Short run from home up (the nice and shady) Stonebarrow Lane, along to the end of the car park and back again. Just under 6km, one whopping great hill. Wasn’t feeling 100% as I only ran on Tuesday, so tried to take it easy and keep the MHR at less than 170. Not easy up a 1 in 10 incline that lasts for a kilometer. Anyway trotted up the hill at what turned out to be 30s slower than last time up the hill when I was trying a bit harder. Will try and get out about every three days now if sore leg allows. That should help with the stamina and leg strength. On the other hand it could make my leg worse. One or the other. Also, running (ok . . . jogging) back down the hill makes my shins hurt.

5.87km, 37m 41s, average of 6m 25 per km.

43 days to 2010 Charmouth Challenge.

11 days to Juneathon. Not done it before, certainly can’t run every day, so it will be a mixture of running and situps I think.