Endurancelife hits Charmouth

7 11 2009

So there I was, trotting along minding my own business, enjoying the sunshine and trying to avoid the muddy bits, when a stream of seriously fit blokes came bounding past.  Polite to a man (person?) they all said ‘Good Morning’ or the like. Turns out it’s part of the Endurancelife Coastal Trail Series. I did come across the details a while back when I was looking for local races, but since then it slipped my mind. The reason that I didn’t enter it was that it was £30 to run in the 10k race! There’s also a half-marathon for £40, or the full banana for £50. Not sure what you get for the money apart from mud and sore legs. I mean the glorious scenary is free. When I drove back down into the village I spotted their base. The competitor car park was the field they normally use for the open-air market, and it was full of cars! Must have been 200 to 300 maybe. So that’s 250ish x £40ish which equals £10,000ish. Hmm, maybe I should be looking into this.

Oh well, I managed a decent medium length run of 7.28km in 52m 11s including two decent sized hills. Total ascent 332m. I was looking for a less muddy route (NB. Mud-free is impossible round here), and did ok until the final few hundred yards when it got to that point where you’re creeping along the thin grass verge with one hand clinging onto the barbed-wire fence. Try and cut that bit out next time. If anyone’s interested, I’ve put it on Garmin Connect. Personally I wouldn’t bother.

Boscombe 10k in two weeks, aim to beat the 53m from last week. No more races after that for a while, but in the new year might do the Southbourne 10k on 7th March (described as fast and flat), and the Portland ‘Round the Rock’ 10k on 2nd May. We’ll see.