Langdon Hill

19 11 2009

The gales are back, so as I was looking for a short run today I decided to do a couple of laps around the woods on Langdon Hill. On the plus side, the trees provided some shelter from the wind. On the downside, all the trees meant that my Garmin lost satellite reception halfway round the first lap. That was a shame as I was keen to monitor my pace today and try and get used to the pace I need to run on Sunday.

I want to beat 53m for the Boscombe 10k, so my plan is to try and run at about 5m 10s per kilometer pace. That’s pretty fast for me, and I’m not sure if I can sustain it. The course looks fairly flat, just one hill after about 6k with an ascent around 30m or so. Shouldn’t make too much difference to me after all my hill work. Even my normal short run contains over 250m of climb. More worried about the conditions. Looks like the forecast is wet and windy again. Need it to blow through quicker than forecast, just like Ilminster.

I said somewhere before that I couldn’t remember my 10k PB. Well did some digging and found that at the Heanor 10k Xmas Pud run in 2005 (we all got Xmas puds at the end instead of medals) my official time was 51m 1s. Can’t get close to that at the moment, but we’ll see how it goes in the Spring.

Wish me luck. I’d tell you what number to look out for, but I haven’t received it yet. Hope they’ve got one put by for me on the day.