Wednesday warm-up

16 09 2009

Did my usual short Wednesday loop down Stonebarrow and back up again. Wore the new Triax’s which were fine, just need to learn how tight to lace them so that they feel right. Not so good with the Garmin. Tried to do the course that I had downloaded into it, but didn’t seem to work. Maybe I missed the start point or something? Anyway, the run felt like hard work, so I know it wasn’t very quick. Would have been nice to have the data though.

So, Golden Cap loop on Saturday morning. This time I’ll not try and use a pre-loaded course. I’ll just set it going at the start, stop it at the finish, and see what I get!


Reading is a dangerous thing

26 07 2009

Picked up my old copy of the Runner’s Handbook off the shelf last night and had a browse through it. Apparently, I should be running between three and five times a week. Not sure I want to do that, maybe I’ll add an extra day in the Spring. Also, I’m probably trying too hard. I should try and keep my heartrate between 60% and 80% of maximum (which is about 172bpm). This is not possible on the three big hills unless I walk!

I used to have a heartrate monitor, but it packed up years ago. Got my eye on a fancy Garmin Forerunner 305 which is a GPS and heartrate monitor. Keeps an eye on heartrate, speed, distance, pace and it can all be downloaded to a PC after each training session. But at £150 it’ll have to wait a bit. Maybe there’s one on Ebay . . .