Sunday long run, new PB

18 10 2009

Glad to say, looks like I’m still improving. Did the longer run today 9.15km with two big hills (total ascent on the run according to gadget is 438m) in 1hr 5m 4s, That’s just under two minutes off the time I did four weeks ago when I last did this loop. Have to say that like Wednesday conditions were ideal; cool and almost no wind. Didn’t even have to pass any dogs. Plus I wasted about 30s sat on my backside sorting out my trainer and sock. I think I wasn’t laced tight enough and that caused the sock to ruck up round my toes coming down from Golden Cap. It was really hurting so I had to stop and sort it out.

The two areas where I gained the most time were on the first halves of both climbs, if that makes sense. It’s like I can maintain a good pace for further up each hill before I run out of strength and revert back to the slower hill climbing pace. Looking forward to more improvements before next summer and The Challenge. Definitely on schedule I think.

Met an interesting guy yesterday at the Charmouth Literary Festival, John Bryant. He’s written a number of  books about the London Marathon, the history of the marathon, and the quest to break the four minute mile. He was also coach to Zola Budd! I think he’s run The Challenge in the past, have to tap him up for some coaching tips if I see him again.

Two weeks to Ilminster 10k, five to Boscombe 10k. Target for Ilminster is still 55m. If I can do that I’ll count it as a modern day PB on the grounds that I can’t remember my true PB from about eight years ago other than it was about 52m 30s!