Wednesday warm-up

16 09 2009

Did my usual short Wednesday loop down Stonebarrow and back up again. Wore the new Triax’s which were fine, just need to learn how tight to lace them so that they feel right. Not so good with the Garmin. Tried to do the course that I had downloaded into it, but didn’t seem to work. Maybe I missed the start point or something? Anyway, the run felt like hard work, so I know it wasn’t very quick. Would have been nice to have the data though.

So, Golden Cap loop on Saturday morning. This time I’ll not try and use a pre-loaded course. I’ll just set it going at the start, stop it at the finish, and see what I get!


New Gadget!

15 09 2009

My Garmin Forerunner 305  arrived in the post this morning. Have to say it looks decidedly second-hand, but then you get what you pay for. Bit miffed that the charger has a US plug on it, but then found out it also charges up when connected to the USB socket on the PC, so that’s no problem. Have download my Stonebarrow Loop course on to it from via the Garmin Training Centre software, so will try and give it a go tomorrow. Could be a double first as if it stays dry between now and then, I’ll go for the first run in my new Nike Triax’s.

Where did the time go?

9 09 2009

Did my short Stonebarrow loop this morning. Got round in 33m 29s which is about the same as last week, but half a minute down on my best.  So where have I lost that half minute? I put in a few short sprints, worked hard on the hills, generally felt good.  So where did it go? No idea. It was a bit slippery after two days of mist and light drizzle, so maybe some of it got lost on the muddy bits or being careful on the downhill slopes. Not sure.

However, I have a cunning plan. I’m gonna get me one of those new-fangled Garmin GPS wrist thingies. That’ll tell me. Been chasing various Forerunner 305’s on Ebay recently, not got one yet so might have to up my budget a bit. There’s a few more coming up in the next few days, so I’ll keep trying! Then I should be able to work out from one run to the next where I’m gaining or losing time.

On the racing front, looks like my next race will be the Ilminster 10k on November 1st. It’s all on tarmac, so I need to get out in my new Nike Triax 12’s to break them in. (Bargain from!)