Juneathon – Day 24 – It’s a blogathon

24 06 2010

I was going to say it’s not the exercise that’s difficult, it’s the remembering to blog about it everyday. But then I realised that probably means I’m not doing enough exercise! I might have done something everyday, but there are many others on here who have worked a lot harder than me. Well done guys and gals.

Looking ahead, I might be in for a clash of dates. If England beat Germany (which I truly believe they will – fool that I am) then their quarter final would be on Saturday 3rd July at 3pm. The 2010 Charmouth Challenge is – yes you guessed it – on Saturday 3rd July at 3pm. Aargh! Even if I run through the finish and straight home I’ll only see the last ten minutes. To be honest I’m more likely to be flat on my back at the finish line for ten minutes! Oh well, let’s see what happens against Germany first.

64 sit-ups today.

Here’s the Portland Dough Bun that I ate after yesterdays run.


Juneathon – Day 8 – Another murky day

8 06 2010

When I sit at the computer at home, looking over the screen out the window I can see Stonebarrow Hill. It’s a permanent reminder of what I’ve chosen to take on. Except today I can forget all about it as the hill has been hidden in the mist and rain most of the time.

Leg not feeling too bad, so looking forward to a run tomorrow morning. I spent some time looking up on the internet what I might have done to it and it’s mostly likely a mild strain of the adductor magnus. But that’s just a bit of a guess as I’m just your average hypochondriac and I can’t afford to go and see a sports physio about it. Looks like it just needs rest, so that’s what I’ll have to do . . . but after the Charmouth Challenge on July 3rd.

Usual exercise today 64 sit-ups, 16 push-ups. So far managed to steer clear of biscuits and crisps. Managed a banana this morning. Have to say the abstemious bit seems somewhat pointless given that I stuffed down a huge pile of fish and chips on Friday night, but hey, that wasn’t in my don’t eat it list. Fortunately neither was beer, chips and cake! Well ok, with the big race only 25 days away maybe I should start cutting back on the lardy stuff. Maybe I should send Breandán my last Portland Dough Bun?

Don’t know what Juneathon is?  Click Here.

Juneathon – Day 3

3 06 2010

Decided to go out for a short run this evening as it was nice and a run today fits in better with a run on Sunday. I did my current short run which is running from home, through Charmouth, up Stonebarrow Lane to the end of the NT carpark and back again. 6km including the killer Stonebarrow climb of 130m ascent over 1km.

Last time I took it easy up the hill, this time I deliberately put in a bit more effort, although by the time I got near the top that turned into slightly less effort. So by trying harder up the hill I was about 40s quicker on that km, but paid for it slightly by being 15s slower over the next km as I recovered. After that it was pretty much the same pace.

5.93km,  36m 43s,  average 6m 11s per km.

Could have been quicker, but just as I got to within 50 metres of home, head down giving it a final burst, a car pulled up next to me. “Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to Seadown Caravan Park?”  My immediate reaction was “Sod off you stupid grockle, don’t you know it’s Juneathon!”, but it actually came out as “Well you need to turn round and go back that way, turn right and as the road bends round to the left it’s on your right.” I hate being so polite sometimes. I wouldn’t mind but after finishing and grabbing my water I turned round in time to see them drive straight past the right turn!

Also did the sit-ups this morning. 64  (12, 15, 11, 11, 15).

No biscuits, no crisps, one banana. Did eat one delicious Portland Dough Bun.