Recovery Run

28 11 2009

Must have been trying pretty hard last Sunday, as it’s taken all week to recover. Didn’t bother with the mid-week run as I was still pretty sore in the calves and ankles, particularly my right calf which was still a bit tender this morning.

Decided to go for a short run anyway over my normal ‘short’ training run course. Quickly remembered why I decided to take a different route over the winter months as it was a bit of a mudfest. Reduced to walking round the worst bits at least three times. (That’s each bit once, not the same bit three times . . . ) Even with the enforced breaks, still found it hard work. Temperature was about 8 degrees C, but felt a lot less when I turned into the wind. I think when it gets below 5 degrees I’ll ditch the shorts and go with the Ronhill Tracksters that I picked up on Ebay.

In an effort to get really fit over the winter, decided to take on the one hundred push-ups challenge. Day one was last Monday, but after doing the initial test and just squeaking into the top set of three for Day 1, I completed the task but strained everything to the point of not being able to do push-ups again until today! So I’m going to re-start next Monday with the medium level set. At some point hope to do the sit-ups and squats challenges too.

Meanwhile, the official Boscombe 10k results are out and I came 247th out of 436. Dang, still below halfway.