Weather cleared up

23 07 2009

The weather cleared just in time, and the Red Arrows did their normal brilliant barnstorming display. Full height and over twenty minutes long. Superb! The best place in the world to watch them is from high up on the cliff when they’re doing a display over the sea so that you’re level with a lot of it. I’ve seen them do Swanage in the past, and now Lyme Regis a couple of times. They are just the best.

Red Arrows perorming over Lyme Regis



22 07 2009

Knees seem ok this morning, although leg muscles generally a bit tired. That detour round Westhay Farm’s a bit of a killer. 100 yards of uphill concrete track. Cuts out the big flight of steps that lead up Stonebarrow on the coastal path, but definitely longer so adds a few minutes on to the time.

Bit miffed about not being able to run down Stonebarrow to the school. Clambering through the landslip is definitely a bit dodgy. Means I might not be able to run the full course.

Thinking about entering the Jurassic 10k over at Budleigh Salterton on Aug 22nd. Might be fun to do a race even though I’ll be jogging round. Similar to Challenge course, only don’t think the hills are so severe.

Still damp and grey outside. Supposed to have the Red Arrows here at 18:30 today (Lyme Regis Lifeboat Week), hope it clears up.