Short midweek run

16 12 2009

Short run from home as wife has the car. Really just down to the beach, round the block and back. Very cold, ice on the picnic bench by the front door, so wore gloves today. Nice and sunny though, so did a kilometer on the beach as it’s low tide. Worth getting out in the cold just for that. Smooth sand exposed by the low tide, sunny morning, waves gently lapping in. Doesn’t get any better than that.

Felt ok, right calf a aching a bit. Shins will be sore tomorrow as I seem to be running a bit flat-footed judging by the amount of noise I make as my feet hit the pavement, especially (but not exclusively) on the downhill bits. Need to remedy that, or else I’ll get really sore shins.

4.39km, 26m 2s, 126m of ascent. 5m 56s per kilo not particularly quick, but it’s winter and for me it’s just about keeping going, getting out when it’s cold and wet. Plenty of time in the Spring to get serious before The Challenge.

Longer run planned for Saturday, weather and mud permitting.