19 01 2010

Sorry, feeling tired and couldn’t think of a suitably witty and elegant title for today’s blog post. However, I feel that ‘Monday’ is suitably minimalist, truthful and to the point. I’ll try and do better next time.

Planning to run Monday and Friday this week as will be out all next weekend. Will try and do identical courses on the two runs; the first without the Orbana drink that I’m supposed to be trying, and the second run with it.

So today did exactly 9km (did a little extra near the end to make it up to an exact figure) in 63m 55s, for an average of 7m 5s per kilometer. Did Golden Cap and Stonebarrow, so total amount of ascent was 537m. Tried to pick a drier route, but very sloppy and sticky in places, especially around some of the stiles and the narrow paths between some fields. Managed to jog up GC again without grinding to a halt which is good, but have realised that my current ‘winter’ route involves a more gradual climb and a flat bit to recover as I run through the woods on Langdon Hill. So that’s why I’ve still got something in the tank when I get near the top.

There’s also an element of willpower involved. It would be very easy to walk the steep bits, but I get a bit stubborn sometimes and refuse to do so. The gadget helps, unless I’ve exceeded my max heart rate why should I walk? If my body has something left, use it. I don’t want to get the end of the Challenge and feel that I didn’t give it everything, so that’s how I want to train.


Super Sunday

30 08 2009

Went for the medium length St Gabriels Loop this morning, about four and a half miles and it felt goood! For probably the first time in a couple of years I actually felt like I was running rather than jogging, and it felt very satisfying. Kept up a good pace on the flat, worked hard on the hills, must have set a PB, but forgot to take a watch!

Weather was a bit damp, misty and cool, but that was fine. Rib still bothering me a bit over the stiles. Must get better soon surely. Looking forward to the next run mid-week.

Short Run Day

31 07 2009

Did the short Stonebarrow loop and tried to push a bit harder. Did a few short sprints and attacked the easier climbs. Had to walk a short stretch when I hit max heart rate (about 172bpm) on the steep bit past Westhay Farm. So did ok, got round in 33m 19s. Only another 3 minutes to find!

Cattle grids crossed: 2
Stiles clambered over: 3
Gates open and closed: 2
Falls: 1

Yeah, I fell over. Tripped over a dog. Got lucky, just winded me for a bit. Probably only lost 10 to 15 seconds.