22 03 2011

Did my 10k loop round through the villages on tarmac this morning. Took almost exactly 60 minutes. Bit of a grind, hard work, but need to start building the miles back up. Have done this loop before but in the other direction. Doesn’t matter which way round I go, there always seems to be more uphill than down. Saw a fox.

Had intended to do this run last Thursday, but having got 2k down the road, I realised I’d left the doorkeys on the dustbin outside the front door! So had to go back and ended up running down to the beach and along the sand for a bit as it was low tide. Should be a pic of the beach below with Stonebarrow Hill in the background and Golden Cap in the distance.

So that run ended up at a fiddly 5 point something km.

Tried using some sorbothane insoles in my road running shoes recently. They seem to stop the knee pain, but the price is that the shoes need to be a size bigger to accomodate them. So that’s no good. Took them out today and shoes felt much more comfortable, but then knee started hurting again after 8km. Seems like I need a new pair (shoes not knees) with some really good arch support. Need to start saving.


The boy’s back in town!

28 02 2011

Ok, I’m back. It’s been a while, and I’ve defnitely been slacking, but now I’m back with the full intention of doing the 2011 Charmouth Challenge, and beating last year’s  time by at least five minutes.

Went to see a physio late last year. Basically she just said I was way too tight and needed to loosen up a bit. And then we talked about my leg problems, boom boom! The daily stretching exercises that she gave me seems to be calming it down.

I’ve done a few odd runs over the last few months, had a bit of knee pain (pinching pain outside left knee) but that’s pretty much down to lack of fitness/form/leg strength. Went for a run from home (Charmouth) up the the end of Stonebarrow car park and back on Sunday and was really pleased with how it went. So once a week in March, twice a week in April, and after that we’ll see.

Easy Thursday Morning

8 10 2009

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was heavy rain, today is glorious warm sunshine.

Did the short run, took it easy as I was worried about hurting my knees again. Seem ok at the moment, see how they feel tonight. Also a bit slippery underfoot after all the rain, so that was another reason for taking it slow. Nice day to be out. Aim to do medium run on Sunday.


5 10 2009

Had a bit of a sleepless night on Saturday on account of very sore knees after that hard run. When I’m getting tired I don’t pick my feet up so much when I run, this in turn seems to cause sharp pains in the outsides of my knees. Had it in the past when I’m running, so I know that if I pick up my feet and knees and run a bit more ‘properly’ then it goes away. But when your run ends on a steep hill that’s not easy to do as it means working harder when you’re already worn out.

Should ease off over the next couple of days so that I can go out for a short run on Thursday.

Ilminster 10k now only four weeks away.