Summer running in Dorset

4 08 2009

It was muddy, rainy and foggy. At least it wasn’t cold!

Not sure that was a good idea, my ribs were uncomfortable before, now they bloody hurt! It’s a bit like having a constant stitch in your side. Anyway, can’t just stop running, got the Jurassic 10k in 18 days time. I’ll try and run again at the weekend.

Distance run: 4.44 miles
Time : 52m 29s (split time at St Gabriels 26m 52s)
Average Speed: 5.07mph (8.11kph) Hey, it’s hilly ok!
Visibility: About 30 yards on the higher ground
Squally showers: 2
Muddy stretches walked: 1
Steep bits walked: 0
Cattle grids: 2
Gates: 3
Stiles: 15
Dogs passed with care: 7
People passed: 3
Sore ribs: 1