I swallowed a fly, perhaps . . .

23 09 2009

Yeuch! You know what it’s like, bounding along, gob wide open like a Formula One air intake, and a particularly adventuresome gnat takes a liking to your larynx. It’s to far in to spit out, all you can do is give it a big gulp and try to forget it. I did briefly consider looking for a spider to go in after it . . .

Anyway, apart from that, the medium Wednesday morning run went well. Clocked it at 7.19km on the Gadget, 47m 2s, so 5 secs off my PB. I actually thought it might be more as I felt it was going so good. Interesting.

Counted as I went round: 2 cattle grids, 1 gate, 16 stiles and 5 other misc constrictions that slowed me down. No wonder the speed readout on the Gadget readout looks so wiggly.

Decided that my weekend run will be a bit different. Going to find some flat tarmac and see what pace I can keep up over 7 to 10km.

St Gabriels Loop

St Gabriels Loop