My name is Pete, and I’m a Runaholic

13 04 2012

I lapsed. I couldn’t resist it any more. During the winter I was ok; rain, wind, cold all helped me to stay away from my addiction. But then the sun came out, and the sky was blue and the air was warm, and I can see the green grass of Stonebarrow Hill from my desk at home and it was so tempting. So I lapsed. I went . . . for a run.

I know I said I wouldn’t, but I just couldn’t help myself. And then one thing leads to another and before you know it I’ve been for four runs. I’d like to be able to say I feel ashamed. But I don’t. I’m revelling in it. I love it. The warm air, the stunning views. I don’t care! I’m a runner again!

So now what? Well I can’t do the fun run in July. That would mean getting embarrased by hoards of eight-year olds! So that leaves The Challenge. Can I get from zero fitness to super fit fell running man in 12 weeks? No, but at least I can get to a point where I can get round the Challenge route without embarrasing myself too much, and hopefully without having a heart attack.

Current plan is to start with short runs, but more frequently, and build up from there. Have to bear in mind that even my short (4k) runs involve running up Stonebarrow Lane with about 150m of climb over 1k distance. Kill or cure?

Watch this space.


Juneathon – Day 17 – Stonebarrow Lane Run

17 06 2010

Short run up Stonebarrow Lane and down to the end of the car-park and back. Felt like hard work, either due to the heat or yesterday’s blood-letting. The heat thing’s still got me a bit concerned. Even on the short run I’m sweating buckets and getting overheated. Hope July 3rd is a cool day. When I run again at the weekend I’ll try taking a drink round with me to see if that helps. If it does, then I’ve still got one Orbana left that I could take round with me on race day. There will be two drinks stations, so not sure how to play it yet.

5.91km,  36m 44s,  average 6m 12s per km.

Greece today, so had very nice Arni Kleftico for tea followed by an ice cream and a wander down to the beach for half an hour.

P.S. Did 64 sit-ups too.

Sunshine after the Rain

26 02 2010

Decided to stay away from my normal routes after another 48 hours of intermittent rain, would have been a complete mudfest. So ran from home instead. Down the hill into and through Charmouth, up Stonebarrow Lane and then back along the same route. 7km with 300m of climbing in 46m 23s. Hard work, especially on the shins going down and the calves going up.

Not much else to report. Although I did see a seal off Charmouth beach yesterday.

Only one more run before Southbourne and my assault on a new PB. About 250 entrants so far with a week and a half to go. Late entries are accepted.

New Year Run

1 01 2010

Decided on a short run today, the first run since before Xmas. Temperature was zero degrees, so tracksters and gloves definitely called for.

The drive up Stonebarrow Lane to the National Trust car park at the top was very icy. Nearly decided to turn round but pushed on anyway. Worry about the trip back down later.

Having not been out for a while, I decided to take it easy today. Still suffering from slight tightness in my right hamstring, and my lower back has been sore from all the recent house painting. It might have been cold, but once again the sun was out. This meant the best of both worlds, the mud was frozen, but the sun on my face was warm. Not looking forward to the mud thawing in the Spring, gonna be a right mess.

And then the fun began. Halfway back down Stonebarrow Lane came across some ejit who had not been so careful coming up on the ice and was now sideways blocking the road. So I stopped and with a few others helped get him straight. By now there’s three cars behind me trying to come down, and three behind him trying to come up. And then I fell over on the ice! Cut and bruised the heal of my left hand, sprained my right wrist. Great. Anyway, the uphill cars chickened out and rolled slowly back down the hill except for one 4×4, so to let him up the downhill cars had to slither into gateways and passing points. Once he was gone we were free. All in all, suck for about 30 minutes.

So my new New Year’s resolution; no driving up Stonebarrow Lane unless its greater than five degrees!

Happy New Year.

Benchmark Run

3 10 2009

OK, did what I said I would. I needed to establish where I really am, so did as much of the Charmouth Challenge course as I was able to this morning. Parked up on Stonebarrow, walked/jogged down to the school and started running from there. This added about 2k to my existing long run. The only missing bit now is the fast run back down Stonebarrow to the school. This is currently closed due to cliff falls eating up the path.

It was only two extra kilometers, but one of them is Stonebarrow Lane, which according to the gadget, was 129m of climb in one kilometer. Took it easy, jogged up in just under ten minutes. Overall time for the run was 1hr 26m. So an extra eight minutes back down to the school makes my current pace for the Charmouth Challenge 1hr 34m. Pretty good really. Want to get it down to 1hr 30m, then I’ll be really happy.

Stonebarrow Lane plus Golden Cap Loop

Stonebarrow Lane plus Golden Cap Loop