Juneathon – Day 23 – Running Au Naturale

23 06 2010

Another glorious if slightly warm day for running. Blue skies, light breeze. No need for mp3 players down here, just wonderful to enjoy the sounds of birdsong as nature intended. Not really practical to carry a camera round with me, but might just have to make an exception sometime soon. The views from the top of Stonebarrow were just stunning. The sea was mirror calm, you could see the yachts perfectly reflected in the water of the bay.

Run went ok, slower start, quicker finish. 5.89km,  36m 47s,  average 6m 14s per km. Just the one hill today.

Will do a two hill run on Saturday, one hill on Tuesday, then it’s the 2010 Charmouth Challenge on the following Saturday.

Will probably undo this morning’s hard work by spending the afternoon in the pub watching the England game. If I make it back home, then as it’s also USA today so we’ve got burgers for tea.


Short Run

5 01 2010

Decided to squeeze in a quick run this morning after seeing the dire weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow. So far we have escaped all snow down here, it’s just been icy with clear blue skies. However, if you believe the Met Office then tonight and tomorrow morning we are due for an ‘extreme weather event’. Yeah right, believe that when I see it. Chances are that being on the coast we’ll get next to nothing. We’ll just have to wait and see. As long as I can get to and from Poker tonight at The Clock in Chideock I don’t care.

Anyway, did a couple of laps around Langdon Hill. Short run, but worked hard and felt it was definitely worth doing. Still determined to keep running twice a week if possible from now on.

Sent off my entry form today for the Southbourne 10k on March 7th.