Mid-week training run

30 09 2009

Short run today, and tried to make it quick by adding in a few sprints in the first 2km. As a result I was 30 secs quicker at that point compared to the longer runs I’ve done on the same course. Explains why I started to run out of puff near the end. Finished in 32m 57s, which is 2 secs inside previous best.

Showing the numbers below this time rather than the picture. Apparently I briefly reached 17.9kph on one of the downhill bits. Well slow on the uphill though.

Not sure what sort of training I should be doing really. I still need to work on leg strength, stamina, and heart/lung as far as I can tell. Looks like I’m going to be reading the Runners Handbook again, but I know that will say I should run more than twice a week. Maybe I should listen.

Will run again on Saturday. My overly ambitious plan is to do 90% of the Charmouth Challenge course. In other words, my normal long run, but start at the school and run up Stonebarrow Lane too. Target time 1hr 30m.

Gadget data from short run

Gadget data from short run