Sound the All Clear

15 11 2009

After a day of battening hatches and generally lying low, today was remarkably runner friendly. My intention to go for a run yesterday was quickly abandoned, mainly due to storm force winds strong enough to blow a tree down and block the road. I actually went for a walk down to the beach as I had to go to the post office anyway, and the beach car-park was predictably a right mess. Fortunately it was low tide so I didn’t have to run any great risk, but as I was stood there at an angle of 45 degrees into the wind it did occur to me that maybe if I got hit by a bit of flying 2 by 4 hurtling off the beach, then it probably wouldn’t be good for my running plans. Where the car-park meets the beach there’s a line of free-standing concrete blocks, roughly pyramid shaped and about a foot high. Well yesterday they had been blown all over the place by the wind, waves and flying pebbles.

Anyway, that was yesterday and today is just so different it’s hard to believe. Almost no wind, bright sunshine, and according to the car, 17 degrees centigrade. Went for a longish run of just under 10k, in just under 1hr 9m. Average 6m 58s per kilometer. Found a very pleasant path that runs through the woods on Langdon Hill, but also tried a shortcut back which turned out to be an ascent of a grassy hill with an incline of about 45 degrees. Not going that way again. Oh, and as I was running past the farm at Upcot (Upcot Farm?), I saw a field of new-born lambs. Now I know the weather is milder down here and spring comes early, but mid-November??

Short run probably Thursday, then Boscombe 10k Sunday. Haven’t received a number in the post, so guess I collect it on the day.