Juneathon – Day 25 – Cool of the night

25 06 2010

As it’s forecast hot again tomorrow, decided to bring my run forward to this evening. And very pleasant it was too. Did just about the shortest two hill run I can do from home, still over 9km so a good workout. Up Stonebarrow, along to Chardown Hill, down the steep slippery bit, and then cut straight down to the coast path and rejoined the Challenge route up past Westhay Farm and up Stonebarrow again.

Nice and quite, nobody about, and not too hot. At various times disturbed a whole bunch of rabbits  plus a green woodpecker who was probably munching on a nice supper of ants before being rudely interrupted.

In pretty good condition when I got back compared to the state I was in after my long run last weekend. Recovered much quicker. Feel ok now (45 mins later) except the inside of my left ankle feels a bit sore. Probably just paranoia with only a week to go until the race.

9.16km,  1hr 2m 25s,  6m 48s per km average.  430m of ascent.

64 sit-ups earlier.

Spanish Omelette for tea of course. Past Bolognaise yesterday when Italy went out. Gets difficult now as it’s difficult to plan ahead.



17 07 2009

St Gabriels detour

St Gabriels detour

Just had another look at the route map, and there’s two detours away from the coast path on the run back. The first one is on the run down from Golden Cap where the route cuts inland for a bit, presumably to avoid the cliff edge I was running next to this morning! I’ll have to try and work this route out next time I go that way.

Westhay detour

Westhay detour

The other detour I kind of knew about. The route runs past Westhay Farm and then zig-zags up on to the Smuggler’s Path. Not sure why they do this, the coastal path is ok at this point.

These two detours added together will probably cost me about five minutes, plus I’ve realised that the missing loop between the school and Stonebarrow is longer than the loop I added on today, so my revised estimate at current fitness is now 1h 45m to 1hr 50m.