Training Routes

These are some of my regular training routes (distance markers are in kilometers, sorry Sheri) . . .

Short Run (5.78km, 3.50 miles)

Start at home in Charmouth, up Stonebarrow lane (1km of a 1 in 10 climb), down to the end of Stonebarrow car park, then cut back onto the track that leads down to Westhay Farm, come off that and rejoin the Challenge route up over Stonebarrow and down the crumbly coast path (officially closed), over the new footbridge, past the school and back home. 

Stonebarrow Loop

Medium Run (8.47km, 5.26 miles)

Same as above, but after Stonebarrow car park keep going on the Chardown Hill, down the steep descent then cut straight down to rejoin the Challenge route at the coast path before running up past Westhay Farm and rejoing the previous route.

My medium length run on the Charmouth Challenge course

Medium Length Loop

Longer Run (10.56 km, 6.56 miles)

As per the previous run, but this time turn left at the bottom of Chardown, then left at the farm, along the lane to Norchard Farm where you head over the stile on the right through the fields to the woods, then cut down to St Gabriels and from there down the uneven stoney track to the coast path. Then just head west until you rejoin the previous route.

St Gabriels Loop


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